10 Benefits of Installing a Surveillance System

February 14th, 2017

A video surveillance camera for your home or business is a small investment that will help to protect your larger investment. Over the years there have been vast improvements in technology, and the overall cost of a surveillance system has come down considerably. No longer a luxury item, there 10 Benefits of Installing a Surveillance Systemis a wide variety of systems to fit all budgets.
A video surveillance camera can help deter or detect a crime and so much more. Here are 10 reasons to consider installing a video surveillance system.

1. Monitor your home anytime, from anywhere

Whether you’re away on vacation, at the office, or around the corner, you can monitor your home through the Internet or on your Smartphone. Today’s surveillance systems allow you to view multiple screens at once so you can keep an eye on both the front door, the back yard, the living area and the garage—all on the same screen. These video cameras provide a constant watch on your home and peace of mind for you. Some systems even alert you when movement is detected, allowing you to monitor the activity in real time.

2. Monitor hidden or low-traffic areas

A backyard that is fenced in also conceals the back door to your home. A strategically placed video surveillance camera will capture any activity normally out of sight of the street or curious neighbors. Consider narrow alleys between buildings, the back yard or deck, a stand-alone shed, garage, or pool house – anywhere a criminal may be tempted. These provide the added security of monitoring these areas while you’re in the home.

3. Deter crime

With visible cameras installed outside your home, a burglar may think twice before attempting entry.

4. Evidence for court

Should a brazen criminal proceed with entering your home or stealing something from your property in spite of having the cameras, the footage that is recorded provides evidence for the police. This may help lead them to capture the criminal. The video recording could prove very useful in court or when presenting a claim to your insurance company.

5. Save money

Insurance companies often provide a discount to your insurance rates when you take steps to make your home safer. Similarly, proof of a criminal act or damage to your property may also impact your rates or the claim you file for insurance.

6. Check on family, pets, and hired help

When your children are home from school, but you’re still at the office, you can still keep a watchful eye on them with video surveillance camera in your living area. This provides the opportunity to see how they behave when you’re not there, but more importantly allows you to spot any danger and call for help. When it is necessary to hire help to watch over your children or elderly family member, a hidden video surveillance camera allows you to monitor their behavior when they think they’re alone. And don’t forget Fido. Curious as to what he does all day while you’re gone? You may be surprised! You may also get footage worthy of sharing on social media!

7. Keep your employees honest and accountable

Whether you have business employees or household staff, they were hired to perform a service. If ever there’s a dispute about what’s been done, there’s no denying video footage. A video surveillance camera in sight can also deter any temptation to steal.

8. Easy to Use

Once your system is selected and installed, all you need to know is how to use the software on your computer or phone to view the video feed.

9. Be informed

When you’re in your home, a video surveillance camera can allow you to know who is pulling into the driveway or knocking at your door. If you sense danger of any kind, this may give you time to alert authorities or escape. You can also keep an eye on the activity in other rooms while you’re busy in the kitchen or laundry.

10. Satisfy curiosity

Who has been removing the lid to the trash can? What made those footprints in the snow? Who is opening the mailbox? Once you know that the guilty party is the local raccoon, you can secure that lid! And what a thrill it is to know that a black bear was on your deck. Video captures like these are also great for sharing on social media and may even go viral!
When contemplating a video surveillance system, other things to consider are the number of cameras needed; the field of view necessary; the number of megapixels in the display; infrared or “night vision” capability to capture images at night or in the darkest corners of your property; or motion detectors to record only when there is activity. Not sure how to choose? We can help you select the features necessary to fit your needs and your budget, as well provide expert installation. Call us for a free quote today and sleep better tonight.


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