Outdoor Living Audio Solutions

June 14th, 2017

Outdoor Living Audio SolutionsSummer is finally here! And in Northern New Jersey, it’s the perfect time for ‘outdoor living.’ This means doing what you would normally do inside, outside. You might have your morning coffee on the deck, enjoy the afternoon by the pool, and your evening meal (cooked outside, of course) around the patio table. It’s a great time to invite friends and family for impromptu get-togethers.

In preparation, the deck has been sealed, the furniture cleaned, the cushions are out of storage, and the pool has been treated. The grill is ready to go and there’s wood to burn in the chiminea. Flowers are planted and a few tiki torches are strategically placed to create the perfect backyard oasis. You’ve waited all year for this! Why not add some rich, ambient sound to round out the experience.

Sound as Big as the Outdoors

outdoor audio systemBecause your taste for quality is much more sophisticated than listening to the ‘tinny’ sound that comes from your phone, Ambiance recommends a BOSE outdoor audio system to complement your outdoor living. These systems are uniquely engineered to deliver sound evenly over a large outdoor area to give you full stereo performance no matter where you are. Imagine the full, rich sound of music playing in the kitchen as you prepare for your guests. You move outdoors to the deck, down to the pool, and out to the gazebo without missing a beat of your favorite song. When your guests arrive, they may ask, “Where is that music coming from?”

Audio Solutions

Our outdoor solutions include on-wall speakers (Bose® 251® Environmental Speakers) and on-ground speakers (Free Space® 51 Environmental Speakers) that integrate seamlessly with your home and landscaping. These deliver performance, reliability, and quality sound that most conventional outdoor speakers cannot match.

home theater njThe SoundTouch® 251® outdoor speaker system includes the SoundTouch® SA-5 amplifier and can stand alone or tie into your existing home audio system, while the SoundTouch® app transforms your phone or tablet into a powerful remote that keeps you in control of your music. Use the personalized presets for one-touch access to the music you love right from your phone, browsing popular music services like Spotify® and Deezer, Internet radio or your stored music library. Control one or many SoundTouch speakers around your home. Expand your system to play different music in different areas or the same music throughout.

And when the season changes, the rugged outdoor speaker construction is designed to withstand all weather and extreme temperatures so when next summer comes, your music will be right there with you.

As you can see, there are many options and even more configurations. The sound experts at Ambiance can help design a system to accommodate your space and your lifestyle!

Call today. Summer is here!